donating study materials

If I dontated my CFA text books to a local library, what kind of tax write off, if any do you think I could get? The value of the books seems like an arbitary number.

haha…I dumped mine in the dump. I couldn’t beleive how much I accumulated over the past 3 levels, everything has been wiped clean from my desk at home.


No one hangs on to their texts for reference?

Dumping them is a big mistake…there is nothing like books you have read before for reference, speaking from experience.

Schweser stuff I sold on Ebay. Texts are keepers.

well i’ll keep one copy, but i am retaking. Although to the untrained eye, a massive amount of CFA texts in one’s library may look impressive…I can just picture how voluminous it gets after a couple more retakes…

that makes more sense. anyone who throws away their CFA notes after passing the exam is just plain stupid in my books. the point was not to pass the exam, the point was to learn this stuff and use it in your work.

Agree with rohufish on this one. Knowledge is first, designation is secondary.

Let me clarify, I dumped all my study notes/books (Stalla) from all 3 levels, I still have all 3 levels of CFA books in my office here at work. I’m not getting rid of them :slight_smile: