Done CFA II now CAIA II, anyone in same boat??

I just wanna know if anyone out there has not started studying yet…I’m still pretty burnt from CFA…

I just passed CFA L2 and haven’t touched anything for CAIA L2. Will probably read/skim Schweser one or two times over the next two weeks and start “real” studying around 8/15 (problems, flash cards, and memorization of lists). Taking the exam Mon 9/27 in the AM. No risk of lingering work fatigue.

Yeah I hear you…that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing…now when you say memorization of lists…what do you mean?

When I refer to lists, I’m talking about any LO that says something like “discuss key factors” or “describe the steps.” I’m looking at these from the perspective of the essay questions, which may ask for a specific list or set. OR any LO that specifically uses a number, such as: “Illustrate and calculate the returns attributed to four components from the long positions and five components from the short positions.” (R1, C34, LO 7)

ahhh…man i’m too burnt to even think about this…may have to be a 2011 project…this year is a sunk cost