Done Reading the material-

after reading all the material , whats the best thing to do next ? I want to utilize all my free time ( i took a leave from work already for 30 days :|) solve mock exams only ? ( which mock exam do you recommend rank them plz) or re-read the material again ? or do all the Qbank Questions ? or Refer to the original CFA books and solve end readings Questions ? Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

do u have Secret Sauce? that would be perfect at a time like now. what i’m doing is reviewing using Secret Sauce then banging a lot of Q-Bank questions after i’m done with a topic. i’m reviewing FRA now and after doing the Q-Bank questions, everything just seems to click. i’m saving the mock exams for last. probably the last week or so. also took 18 days off work so that time i’ve devoted it to perfecting my knowledge. hope this helps.

Personally I feel, re-read the material only the identified weak areas. I am planning to group the study sessions into 3 or 4 clusters, based on highest to lowest weak area, focus only that probably for a week and move on to next.

thanks cloudstrife … yes i do have secret sauce … its a good source to review from i’ve read couple of pages a … plus any idea where can i get mock exam from ? is the vol1 vol2 schweser practice questions books are enough ? and i got one mock exam from schweser! where can i get more mock exams from ? auro : yeah i think i have couple of weak areas i have to focus on i hate that tax part in FSA ! … ill do that too :wink:

Read secret sauce, do Q-Bank, re-read specific sections you’re doing poorly in, do mock exams in last week or so.

mona…from your comments it seems you have done just the reading without solving any questions…therefore, re-reading is not an option. You better start the Qbank etc…thats the best course of action for you…

imranmir1: noo i have been solving end reading questions plus Qbank questions along my reading process i just wanted to know … whats the bes approach for the next 35 days ? is there other sources on good review material or mock exams … (all i am focusin on is Schweser so far) thanks :wink:

u r rockin’!!! If I were in your position, I wud go for a 2-day vacation…:slight_smile: I wud suggest to go for the Sample and then the CFAI Mocks…I believe it is very IMPORTANT to do the CFAI MOCKS in exam condition…I intend to do atleast 2-3…To concentrate for 3 hrs can be challenging so CFA Mocks are a good preparation…

All of the above if you have 30 days off