Done with exams!?

How do you guys feel? I am pretty confident that I passed, and you know what that means! No more CFA exams, no more studying. Next year at the start of summer I am going to be able to partake in all the beginning of summer bbqs! Celebrate Memorial day weekend! Actually enjoy spring, instead of holing up in starbucks or my apartment studying! I feel so relieved. I am not going to worry about which questions I screwed up, because I know there are a few. I just feel great! Now i realize that i am setting myself up for a horrible let down if I fail, but hopefully that is not the case. I am just going to try and enjoy summer.

Hell yeah. As long as the graders can read my answers, I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok.

I hope so but yet AGAIN I am unsure. I had more confidence last year.