Done with Level 3, next stop CAIA?

Hey guys. Hope you all are doing well. So I got my Level 3 results 2 days ago and cleared it thankfully. Was thinking of enrolling for the stackable pilot program of CAIA which allows you to directly sit Level 2. From a learning, value addition perspective, would you guys recommend this or the CFA is more than enough? Look forward to hearing from ya’ll. Cheers.

Congratulations on passing!
You can check the CAIA syllabus and see if the material covered is relevant to your work.

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The CFA designation is the Cadillac in securities analysis / portfolio management. Congratulations.

Because of that, then, if you go for the CAIA, do it because you want the knowledge, not because you want four letters after your name. I say that because almost nobody has ever heard of the CAIA. Therefore, compared to the CFA charter, few people know what CAIA stands for.

Warren Miller, CPA, CFA
Lexington, Virginia

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of course for the knowledge only. I am considering a career in alts as well so have been strongly considering the CAIA Level II.