Done with readings - what now?

I finished a first read through the curriculum - what now?

I was thinking of doing all the EOC questions and then starting on official practice exams. Is that enough practice? The other worry I have is that doing practice problems 3 months before the test might be starting too early - is that a concern?

Thanks all.

EOC, Blue Box, Mocks Mocks Mocks.

Nowhere near being in your position - still yet to even begin PM, Alts or Econ… Very jealous! That said I completely agree with the above; definitely start cranking through as many questions as you can now, identify your weak spots, then revisit the curriculum as required. You’re in a very good position, best of luck!

After first pass, going back to what I read and learned earlier, it seems details are not retained. Almost having to re-read the material to recall details to do the problems correctly. Is this common issue with other candidates? what strategy are using to keep the information fresh in your mind?

Use Pareto’s 80/20 rule. 20% of the material will be tested in 80% of cases, and 80% of the rest will be tested in only 20% of all cases. Try to understand and memorize that 20% (most important formulas, readings, concepts etc.).

Use shortcuts, for example in corporate finance u just need to know that if the after tax cost of debt is higher than earnings to price ratio, than addition of more debt will decrease EPS and vice versa, instead of memorizing whole formula.

Start practicing relentlessly. Do all the EOCs, do all the questions online in Candidate Resources, and then do mocks. Let your performance on these questions inform your additional study (if needed). Also, you are correct that 3 months out is definitely risking forgetting material. However, if you relentlessly practice and re-practice questions, you should be able to stay fresh until June.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Levels 2 and 3 really only reward one thing: diligent and rigorous preparation. That’s what I would focus on if it were you.

Agenda until 15th May 2019 = EOC, Blue box, CFA resource Qbank.

Thanks everyone, definitely giving me the motivation I need! My next step: I’ll do all the EOCs twice through and write down anything I get wrong, re-read relevant passages, read over it before bed. That should take me a few weeks.

Keep at it, that will leave you in a really good place to start hammering through mocks after a couple of weeks. The topic tests on the CFAI website are also a really good resource, though I am finding that they are really quite difficult relative to the EOC questions. Good luck mate!

Nice, solid effort! I recon I will be in your position in a week then I am off on holiday for a week - Italy. Going to come back and smash the CFA EoC Qs, Kaplan Qbank for weak topics and then the CFA Qbank before abusing the mock exams for a good time.

I wonder how many 000s of questions I’ll have answered by June 15th…

Just to confirm…those of you who have finished the readings…did you only read the chapters and not solve the EOC and examples at all? I am curious because I am way behind than you guys.

I solved most of the EOCs after finishing a reading and took notes on what I found difficult. I don’t have a photographic memory so the only way to really understand a concept is to practice it in the EOCs after doing the readings. Yes it takes a lot longer but for me that’s how to best learn this stuff.

Ok thanks


How did this work out for you ? Was questions/mocks/blue boxes the answer?