Hi guys

I just finished reviewing everything,

I have gone through the material at least 3 times (each reading, except intro to abs and corporate governance which I hate), I have done only 2 mocks, the ones provided by CFAI, 76 ( am pm separately) and 88 (am pm both). Done with all topic tests, EOC from curriculum. The question is, is it enough?

I have neglected a bit corporave gov and intro to abs, do you think it will be a disadvantage, are they likely to be tested? (Have seen no question about corp gov in mocks)

If you have time, what would it hurt to go over them? I would visit those topics if you don’t have another, more important area to review.

If you don’t cover them, they’ll definitely be on the exam.

CFA Institute is more insidious than Santa Claus.

I know right, that’s why I’m being extra careful about LOS’s that I did not see in mock exams.

i am so tired, i just cant get myself tgt to cover derivatives calculation and memorize them…

Put call parity: long call, short put and a riskfree bond in the pv value.

Forward put call parity is the samething but u are taking out the underlying n replacing it with a forward…

This is from memory, so I might be wrong

keep reviewing stuff… read through the answers…