Donna Brazile finally admits to leaking debate topics to help crooked H

Come on CNN and others, I know ya’ll are very fake news, but you can’t just not report something so important! Especially when the women herself admits it while you publish claims about our President without any legitimate sources! Very sad!

lock her up

Crooked Hillary, lock her up!

Obama Benghazi!

Bigly sad

No question, CNN is the Obama/Hillary channel. They will never give this stuff a voice, these people have zero integrity and just don’t care anymore. They are fighting for their own survival.

Next up, they will continue to ignore ObamaGate while focusing on TrumpRussia, even though they are the same thing. I just found Jeff Session’s TWTR with some great points and links…


lock her up

Let’s not pretend that what DB did isn’t common practice. She was just lazy and dumber than the others so she got caught. With that said, MAGA, drain the swamp, and lock er’ up.

Right, lock HRC for getting somewhat of a question in advance, the type of question that politicians constantly prepare to answer. Meanwhile, Flynn was working for the Russians and the Turks and the policies push by these countries were immediately taken up in the Trump platform.

  1. How are those two things related?

  2. Can’t they both be wrong?