Don't be as stupid as I - no charter

So, this is what I did. I completed my application, launched it, and then I just checked in on this forum. There was a thread about the work experience description where I read an advice of providing more details in the job description.

I was considering, OK maybe I need to elaborate my application a bit further. So I logged in, clicked on withdrawal of my application. There even was a dropdown menu where I could select ‘I want to update my work experience’ or sth very similar.

So I withdrew my application, and after seeing that I cannot access it any longer, I emailed to CFAI.

And the response is: I cannot modify or update my application, I can start a new application.

How could I go back to my referees asking them to provide the same reference again? How?

This is so unbelievable, I mean I misunderstood the meaning of withdrawal in this case. And it cost my my “potential” charter. After passing the 3 exams, collecting the necessary references.

This is crazy.

Phone or e-mail CFA Institute and explain your misunderstanding to them. They’re not idiots (I’m told) and they’re not out to get you (I’m also told).

Yes I emailed trying to explain it. Only I thought that my original email already explained that it was a misunderstanding on my part, yet the answer was a very straightforward “you can start a new application”. Maybe I’m gonna phone them.

Phone them.

They’re on your side.

Thanks very much for the advice S2000, I’ve just spoken to them. I didn’t know there was a toll-free number. Big favour.

Seems they understand that it was just a mistake, and they will resubmit my application.

Still don’t be as stupid as I was, spare yourself a couple of hours of nervous breakdown.

Ask for Brittany - she took care of my sitch.

the one where you paid for L3 exam before knowing the results? hahaa

Wow that sucks Moosey. Glad to hear things are ok now.

I attended the local society’s workshop on work experience application yesterday and it was pretty helpful. We had around 50 ppl in that room and when it came time for Q&A, we had at least 10 questions bouncing around and some were pretty good ones that I never thought of. For instance, if one of your reference is a charterholder they must be a member of the society that you are applying to. So if you live in HK but your reference is with the London society, sorry better get that 3rd person to be your reference. People have a lot of questions on this process, and there’s a lot of nitty gritty details such that the website just can’t cover everything as a living person from CFAI who has been through this n times and can give you instant feedback.

If you local society doesn’t offer it, push for one.

Ha-ha it was Britanny who took my call, and she was really helpful.

I am glad things worked out, but worst case scenario, you could’ve just explained to your referees that something went wrong and that they have to do it again, it is not the end of the world, it is not like you will give up your charter over not asking them to do it again.

Thanks for sharing your experience though, at least now I will watch out for this.

To be honest I was already considering to ask different people, I would be very much ashamed of myself to go back to these people.

I mean in the working world you practically cannot be so inconsiderate, I should have emailed CFA Institute and asked them how this “withdrawal” option works, before clicking on it. Just imagine a trader hitting the enter key and then exclaiming “oh actually I wanted to sell and not buy!”. This is how I felt.

Still I’m saying that there could have been more information on the website about how to proceed with the technicalities of the application, but in the ed of the day a responsible person working in finance (which I consider myself to be) should be more considerate and make sure what the consequence of any action might be, before acting.

Yes, they’re eager to take your money. People who take money from you are usually nice :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you’re having difficulty with level 4.

I have Just passed level 4 but yes it Was no less exciting Than the first three levels.