Dont be Overconfident

Guys, Just a word of encouragement for those who have a sense of complaceny with their progress now. CFA is an unpredictable monster. And remember the passing rate is base on Angloff Method. We are indeed competing against each other for we do not know how high the passing bar would be raised. Therefore, cool your arrogance now and keep reviewing. 5 days of intense reviewing or another 6 months of waiting/studying for Dec 09 Level 1. My take is the former. What’s yours?

Well you cleared up a lot of questions I had with the mention of the Angloff Method. And no I am not over confident but scared Sh!tless

same here guys…sht scared…i ve become so numb over d past 1 month…i cant feel my pain!!!

I have no right to be confident right now while scoring 65-75%. But somehow I am just confident. Not over-confident though. Not that scared, I don’t know why. Maybe on the last 2 days I will get sh!t scared :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I hear you guys. I am scared as well. I’ve been scoring in the 70’s but anything can happen on exam day and that test might be a lot harder! So I am as nervous as can be

With 62% in last schweser (28% in quant and 50% in ecn) i am lossing confidence …

This is gona be real dorky, but at least I might be applying something I learned from this curriculum. If you’re like me, scoring an average of 75 with results ranging between 70 and 80 (assuming a normal sample grades of 70,72,74,76,78,80) then x=75 and Sx=3.74. Hence, if you do a one-tailed z-test, the results says that there’s a 9% chance that I get a grade lower than 70 on the exam and 91% chance of greater than 70. (assuming MPS is 70, of course) My only hope now is that at least, I solved this problem correctly!!!

reebs81, You bloody rock, that is awesome. I was reading the first post in this thread and thinking the same thing you typed out…great post.