Don't buy Schweser online books!

The online books format is terrible. It’s Vital Source, aaargh. You are not allowed to open 2 copies at the same time (which is great when making/correcting exercices), the “go to page” is hidden inside the menu and the software crashes a lot. (and I mean a lot!!). It’s like they want you to download a PDF copy online ilegally (what I won’t do).

I tried to contact Schweser and ask for PDF copies but they won’t provide.

Anyways, if anyone knows how to convert to PDF, please let me know. The “print to PDF” solution does not work because the software only let you print one page at a time (seriously, how can Schweser sell a product that is so bad?)


robot task + a pdf joiner…

Waw… thanks for letting us know

Thanks a lot onlysimon!

Hi tapin

Do you have any experience with the QBank?

Is this the first level at which you are using Schweser?

Are you using the CFAI online notes too?

Thanks for your comments

Hi Arbtrgr,

on the level 1 I bought the Q bank. I didn’t like it. Some topics had very few questions and the random selection repeats a lot of questions. It has some tracking tools by topic but are not very effective.

On level 2 I bought the Schweser practice exam books and really liked it. Did the same now on level 3 (unfortunately in Vital Source format…). Im still not using them but I borrowed a paper back version from last year from a friend and looked very good.

Anyway, I can’t say the Q bank is not good, it’s not as good as I expected. I think the practice books are better wya to spend your money.

About the CFAI notes, cannot help you, Im not using them, just for specific consultation. But since I did not purchaesd the paper back version, when I have to check something I use the Vital Source which has the same problems as the Schweser listed before.

Hope I have helped.