Dont get caught in the weeds!!

I was just watching a review video on valuation in emerging markets and realized, what may spell the difference between pass/fail over the next few weeks is the ability to focus on the most important key topics. There have been some threads on here where a lot of time is spent analyzing and critiquing issues that will probably bear little relevance on the exam. 1. Stay focused on the core issues (not items that MAY be a single point) 2. Do practice problems over and over 3. Make a list of 10 areas that you feel uncomfortable with; choose the 5 most important (in terms of possible weight on the exam) and get those down inside and out before moving onto the other 5 Just my two cents…i’m sort of thinking out loud more than anything…(or writing in quiet rather…lol)

also dont spend 30 minutes on a hard question someone posted in the forum

As was said…do a bunch of problems. Memorizing formulas will be next to worthless if you do not get used to the way the problems are worded and what you need to look for to solve them.

The only problem is they don’t test a lot of the major topics.

Last year, many problems, especially in FSA, quant and corporate fin., had unusual formats, not seen in EOC or the Mocks…that threw me off for sure. Regarding the point of the thread, yes it’s good to apply the 80-20 rule, but if it is concepts you are looking to nail down, you should zoom out every now and then and just ask what it is you are doing. It’s appealing to sometimes set your brain on auto pilot and follow a mechanical problem-solving procedure, but that back fires badly if they twist the problem here or there. My $0.02.

+1 SkipE99 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > also dont spend 30 minutes on a hard question > someone posted in the forum

Questions around complicated formula have simple answers and questions around simple concepts have complicated answers. I think remembering hard formula or deep diving gives an edge.

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