Don't give up!

For anyone getting discouraged because they are still scoring below 70 and see people scoring 85+ it’s ok don’t worry. I remember reading something off 300 website and the actual score you need to pass is mid to low 60’s.

I never once scored a 70% or higher in any of my practice exams and did fine, while others who scored 90’s failed. so don’t get discouraged and keep cranking out those problems.

The best feeling i’ve heard from someone after taking level 2 was “I think i have a 50/50 chance” so pretty much the test is hard no matter how prepared you feel you might be. But just keep doing problems and reviewing.

PS obviously aim for the highest score you can.

I don’t even see how it’s possible for anyone to be in the 85-90 range, if you are, my god…

I mean I just draw on my experience from L1 when I left the test center not having the slightest idea if I passed or not, was actually leaning towards a fail, and my results were quite good. People would ask me how I thought I did and I genuinely could not tell them. I feel the same way now when I’m asked how I feel about my chances for L2. I’ve put in the time, I’m doing OK on mocks, we’ll see what happens!

wheater we like it or not, the score for teh real test is 70%.

im not getting those numbers and frustrated… and to be frank, my score is doing down …

but the more i do, the more im learning i didnt know. i see soemthing i dont understand. go back and review and study it… its only a week away… we only have to go strong for one more week.

when you do the problems and you get them wrong… use it as a learning experience. not just the answer, but the procedure so you can replicate it.

what i started doing is making a new forumula sheet for everything i got wrong. then studying that.

good luck to all

The one thing that gets me nervous is just how much material there is. I’ve done alright on the mocks I’ve taken, but the last one I took had a Derivatives item set with FRA and I got 2/6 and that was pretty lucky in itself.

It’s better that it happened now and not later, but it’s 100% possible that I get tested on the majority of my weak areas and I fail easily. 100% on my strong areas and I’m sure I’ll be fine. So, it’s a crap shoot really

This is exactly how I feel. It’s beyond frustrating but instead of thinking it’s going to come down to luck on what’s tested, I’ve been focusing on trying to keep my confidence up. I’ve started categorizing certain items sets as “complete fails” vs “crushed it”. If I come across a new one that I know is going to be a complete fail, I’ll take a pause and either re-visit a “crushed it” or find some unrelated mini-success, let myself feel good for a few minutes, and then go back to absorb the destruction. It’s possible that I’m just starting to lose it mentally but it’s working at the moment and is my plan for the day.

I am just going to hit up the vignettes that I am most comfortable with. NO point struggling with those that I can’t do.

Prove it!!

70% is the score that if you get you are like 95% chance you’ll pass. some guy on the 300 hour forum did a breakdown and over the last few years people passed with scores of 63% to 67%. every year was different. and every level was different too

that’s what I did. for the last 2 weeks i only did 1 mock (the CFAI one) and the rest of the time that last 2 weeks were just reviewing wrong questions. I had a spreadsheet where i skept track of questions I got wrong organized by reading and los. Also had a note pad with comments correcting commonly made mistakes, things like remember to add premiums to CAPM something like that.

But literally NOBODY knows their actual score on the real exam. Or what the passing score is. Or how the MPS is exactly determined. Or even how the MPS varies from year to year.

Only CFAI knows… And they ain’t tellin

actually, the CFAI has admitted before that it has not failed anyone that can get 70% or more. It’s safe to say you will pass if you make that cut

its in the low 60s. the width of band 10 is probably 2-3 questions.

most people (>50% ) can get 4/6. it’s rising to 5/6 for a few vignettes that is the key to passing.

I am already fatigued and my brain has started to give up…I had like fourth time reading of notes last week and completed mocks (planning to give one last mock on Sunday/Monday) and then going back to “where i went wrong” questions. Honestly, the kind of material and content presented to us, its very difficult to remember them. Remember, you can remember the formulas by writing every day but what about those “words” which they purposefully change in Vignette and ask whether Mr. ABC was right in his statement or not? I am sure that those who got 75-80 and those who are in early 60s, the difference would be majorly because of numerical questions (formula plug-in). The real test would be how you are able to cract those silly statement/phrases questions because you can never remember them and you always end up confused.

The only way to get 85+ is to lie or cheat.

Agree Delta…or you’re so lucky to guess them correctly!

number of people getting >70% in all topics is <1% which pushes them into the random/guessing normal curve.

4/6 is 67%

Getting two questions wrong in each item set will get you a pass.