Dont Nuke Me Bro!

When evaluating projects for companies to invest into, you have to rank the projects FIRST on NPV, then on IRR. If the project has highly irregular cash flows you could derive multiple IRR’s which will skew the results of your analysis. Also, projects to comply with regulatory standards or environmental enhancement, are usually not value added and do not provide much positive cash flow, if any. That being said. What did you get your gift people for Xmas? For me; Mom: Old 14th Century French Literature (her favorite period), decided against the cooking lessons in the end because last night she said “I hate cooking” Dad: Functional gifts, Tennis Shorts, Tennis Shirt, and a Blackberry Sister: iPod shuffle 2G Blue GF: Plane tickets to see her and an uncomfortable Saturday (hehe) Lil Bro: Not sure what to get him yet, won’t see him until after xmas, maybe a Wii game? Two best friends: not sure either (one flew in from Dubai, maybe I should get him some sand?) Any ideas? Aunt: B&N Gift Card

I got some stuffed animals for my niece. I got this nerf vulcan blaster for my one nephew because he told me earlier in the year that this nerf gun was awesome. For my other nephew, I bought this Ferrari 1:10 R/C car. This RC car looks sick. I wish I had one - - haha.

I miss RC cars. I remember the best gift I ever got was on my 9th birthday. My dad got me a sleek black Lamborghini Countach with a Turbo trigger. Good lord, I wold TEAR THE DRIVEWAY APART with that damn thing. For 1996 it was pretty darn fast too. I remeber it finally broke when I tried to ramp it over the storm grate and I fell short and destroyed it.

Sister - gift certificate (that’s what she wanted) Other sister - gift card to Holts, some makeup crap she wanted, iPod Shuffle 2gig Dad: Levels 1,2,3 Rosetta Stone for Russian Mom: I don’t know what my sister’s got her but we’re splitting it