Don't perform your first hacksaw job without it

  • BIOlife silicone material provides natural, skin-like feel
  • Comes with a detailed pamphlet with self-examination instructions, a canvas carrying case with a handle and zipper, and a slipcover

Practice your technique on a model first. Or bring it on a date - great conversation starter!

More hacksaw talk…

Some of the customer reviews are hysterical. Why is it only available in beige skintone though? Seems kind of racist.

This guy said what I was thinking -

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Wedding Gift! April 22, 2011 By Shuma Gorath Wife got these for me for our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Wife keeps the original pair in a mason jar in her purse (for safety I’m told). I’m not as embarassed around the guys now when taking a shower after yoga.

You know that Shuma Gorath is a tentacle monster, right?

What the … one of the related products is a bladder catheterization model. That means a poor soul in disgrace out there from time to time has a tube introduced right into his urethra and all the way to the bladder? Son of a … that sounds like some kind of medieval torture.