Don't shoot me for asking this...

Alright, I normally hate these types of questions, but we are in the final countdown and I am hoping for a little sleep tonight. I don’t have a choice about work tomorrow; I have to go in. Given the fun link issue this weekend, I am 90% confident that the 1,2,3,4 method is legit. I am just curious what my AF peers think. Again, I know it’s pointless (we all find out tomorrow anyway and it is all speculation), but I just want to see if people agree with me.




I honestly believe it’s legit. For my sake, I hope it means nothing, but I truly believe we will see a near perfect correlation between those that saw that link disappear and passing the exam. If I am wrong and I pass I’ll feel horrible for those that saw the link disappear and failed. That is my biggest fear about this whole fiasco this weekend. But, I think that’s a small chance. Just my 2 cents.

I think it’s legit, only because the level IIers saw the Level III register link at the same time and that has been a clear sign of a pass in the past.

Didn’t catch mine but sounds pretty legit. On another topic. Saw Radiohead last Wed night in Boston. Awesome. Tom’s voice was shot, probably from entertaining you NYC aholes a few nights before.

Passed Level 3 last year, and also saw the link for register prior to results. Good luck - know how you are feeling.

I’m glad I never gave into the temptation to look. BUT out of curiosity and from reading the posts. It seems that all links have now disappeared>? So doesnt that mean that it didnt mean anything? I mean just because some people were shown a link and others not, just meant links were disappearing based on some factor we did not know. I.e some people were checking after their link disappeared, so they never did have a link in the first place. I belienve the ONLY way it would have significance is if yesterday eveening and today if it was still showing a difference. Thats just my 2 cents, like i said, if i did fail, at least I would have it Bang in 1 shot. But the worst would be if someoen got it inot their head that they passed, and then they see a fail, i think that would be more devastating than just a straight ol fail. I beleive most of us on here are highly educated and well prepared, and I think we will have a high ratio of pass’s from AF users. Good luck everyone

I never even thought of checking the website. What’s it worth to wait one more day? Besides, even if you saw the link, you’re going to be just as nervous for the real thing because there’s that little part of you that still harbors doubts. But I would be interested to see who passed based on this nuance on the system.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the correlation. Results of the experiement per se, but no way in hell I want to participate in the experiment as a guniea pig!! Glad I didn’t check. Getting anxious tonight now though, may check out a movie later and then root for Simon Whitfield in the triathlon later tonight.

Thanks for the feedback. I know, I have no feeling either way on a pass/fail and I do feel worse for checking for the link. I should have maintained my original plan of drinking all weekend. Good call Sickel2. I did see Radiohead at the APW Festival (night 2). It was a great show, but a complete pain in the ass to get there. The ferry from lower Manhattan to NJ was a disaster.

I’m curious about the correlation, and if the hypothesis behind it is correct, I will be happy, which probably helps me sleep tonight. However, I’m not putting all that much faith into what I saw, and will be appropriately disappointed if I get bad news.

WIll be interesting to see if there’s any substance to the theory I missed out on the whole thing and by the time I checked both the links were gone. We’ll do a postmortem to check if the theory holds