"Dont worry, I'm sure youll Pass"...

Im curious to see what people feel about this when someone says it to them.

To me, honestly, I cant stand it haha. Im not sure why, but I feel like it discounts the effort I am putting in. LIke “Oh, you always pass” or stuff like that. The things Ive passed are because I have worked hard, and if I pass this June 2nd itll be because I worked hard for it, not because Im am gifted or smarter than anyone else taking it.

I also cant stand when others complain about how they had to study a whole weekend for other certifications to me. Really? a WHOLE weekend? I’m really sorry for you. Try doing that for 4-5 months for each level, then i’ll symapthize.

Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent a little lol

Haha, I have sort of the opposite problem. People keep telling me that, and it’s going to suck when I tell them I didn’t pass (again, not because I’m not gifted or anything, but because I didn’t work hard enough this time). I think “I’m sure you’ll pass” is just a go-to, instinctual line people say to be nice. They don’t mean it obviously because they have no idea what the test is about or how much effort/knowledge is required. What they probably mean to say is “Oh you’re smart; assuming you studied the right amount, you’ll do fine.”

Yea im def overreacting haha, im just stressed. We can see the finish line but it still feels so far away!

Overconfidence bias?


Man do I hope its August. I dont want to go through this again next year.

esandun - not sure if you are referring to me being overconfident. I assure you I am not. If anything its the oposite, Im worried and anxious.

I said this to a level II candidate I know, then I stoped and “actually I’m pretty sure you won’t pass with the lack of effort he’s putting in!” I kept that part to myself and walked away, but from now on I try to keep my mouth shut about it. It IS difficult not to say something like this - it really is the go to statement.

FinNinja - you are right it is the go to line, and like I said im just overreacting haha. Then again, someone who has gone through these exams and says anything like that to me doesnt bother me because I know that hes gone through it.

Any of you guys taking the schweser mock tomorrow?

You guys are all too stressed, don’t worry I’m sure all of you will kill it!


I never say “'im sure you’ll pass” because it’s just dumb

  1. You’re not that person, how would you know how ready they are. don’t ass/u/me

  2. If they fail -> they feel bad, you feel bad

Nothing good comes of it.

I always say, “make a good effort, do your best, and hope for the best”

Spanishesk (and others like CP) I’ve been reading your posts for the past 2 years especially when you help other guys in here. I can say that you are way better than most of people here, and you do deserve to pass this beast :slight_smile:

best of luck

Well I’ve had this problem as well. I scored very well in the final year of graduation. Had a rank too. Passed level 1 with 70> in all and passed level 2 pretty decently too. Also got done with FRM part 1. I had other friends who took level 1 with me. Almost 4-5 candidates who took it along failed. We had to travel to another city because there’s no exam center in my city. On the journey one guy realized that he didn’t have the calculator and I had an extra. But I’d purchased it for contingency. The guy who did not have the calculator could’ve purchases another but didn’t find it worth because he was not prepared. So that was some real bad attitude he’d come to the exam center with. They all failed. The calculator guy failed band 3. But then no one ever told him that he’ll pass. Most people did tell me that i’ll pass. But even I don’t like that statement because they attribute it to smartness and not hardwork. And those statements bother me because I feel pressured that people have expectations and what If I don’t pass. So it creates negativity rather than motivation. This time around I have poor chances of passing as I didn’t plan well and didn’t focus. But people are still making those statements.

Thanks Bilal, appreciated.

I would say most people in this board work pretty hard and really want to pass - this is def not a good sample of how the total condidate pool prepares (IMO).

Good luck to you as well

And LOL at MarkCfail’s post “You guys are all too stressed, don’t worry I’m sure all of you will kill it!” …def made me laugh

I get the same thing all of the time. Can’t stand it.

A very close second in terms of things that I hate is, “you study a lot”.

I have had two different people say to me “don’t study too much”

Those two people were the partners of my firm. I told them that was the worst advice I had ever received

“you passed the other 2 exams. why would this be any different?”

“level 3 is easy”

hate that. especially coming from a 90s or earlier charterholders

I am taking it.

I am taking it.