Don't you feel like..

Studying for this exam is so much harder than the Level 1. I have been studying for months and even now when I take some mocks some topic areas it just feels like I have forgotten everything. Last night I had to give up on a mock as my head was spinning with all the information

I feel you Quest… It is psychologicall demanding. Put it this way, one wrong answer has a bigger negative effect on you than the positive effect you get with one correct answer. Just keep rolling with the punches.

So you’re loss averse, not risk averse?

same happened to me today… I felt like not wasting my effort on mock right now,… gave up thought i’d try revising things today and try again tomorrow.

hope for the best.

the following of knowing nothing on a topic after studying for so long is very frusterating

level II is definitely much harder than i thought…as the day gets closer i feel like i dont know anything…done some PQs but the moment i get below 70% I Just get deflated…really hoping that in these last 3 wks i will feel more positive about all this…

All the best guys!!