Doomed ??

I took my first CFAI mock … eventhough the overall result is almost the same as schweser, the repartition of the grades is WAY different ethics 78 quant 57 Econ 80 FSA 40 [C’MON R U KIDDING !!!] corp fin 25 [I know an AF member who can cut my throat already … I cannot explain this] Equities 85 Derivatives 100 Altrnatives 67 Fix income 100 PM 67 overall 66 it is not very late here, but I’ve crammed all day so i’m tired + my eyes r burning from staring at my computer’s screen…

try not to be disheartened!! overall you scored a good grade, and the FI and Econ score is amazing!! i took a schweser mock which is broken down by SS and managed to get 0% on SS7 and 35% on Corp Fin the other day…it will just be because you are tired and some of the questions are really specific on the mock for CF!!

In some ways, haivng a 40% in FSA is nice… since it’s the majority… means you focus there, gain a lot of ground, and easily move up the overall grade.

if you scored exactly the same on game day you’d probably pass. but since you were tired, you’ll be much more focused on the test day and probably score a little higher.

D artagnan, that means you should go through the material and fix concept…the test is more conceptual than “calculation based”.

Focus on FSA, quant and corp finance. Don’t waste time with fixed income and derivatives. You’re getting there.

thanks all this last week is getting really intence, keeping up with the 100+ posts on AF, review weak areas, mock exam + no food at all in my fridge (and no willingness to waist 2h to change that)

guys Has anyone else has problems figuring out what they are asking on equity and FI? I have real good scores on Qbank in those areas but they are the worst on my mocks

i think it just takes some getting used to the way CFAI is asking the questions. on qbank, you normally just answer pretty quickly. on CFAI, you have to sit there and carefully read the question. then double check your reasoning. for me, slowing down was the key. i am scoring 80-85 on qbank. sample 1 - 71 sample 2 - 68 sample 3 - 76 mock 1 - 79 i just slowed down and really concentrated to improve my score

I’d say that equities r more tricky but I found the FI quite straight forward I exchange 20% of my FI score agaisnt 20% of ur FSA deal ??

hhaah deal