Doostang Account Problem

Can somebody send me doostang invitation @ thanks in advance. i dont knw what happened…my existing account stop working. did anybody have same problem ? Nitin

Doostang does not work in India. I believe this India’s, not Doostang’s. I raised a stink about it on the site but nothing has been done as of yet.

Am not from india… am accessing account in USA. It was working fine…but few days back something happens and not it wont let me login.


thanks jrumph

Nitin… I faced the exact same problem, a couple of weeks back … and I had to redo the account, no other way out :frowning: - Dinesh S

Dinesh, can u send me new invitation. Thanks.


Wow, I think I just got cyber-hoed.

nitin_verma1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dinesh, can u send me new invitation. Thanks. Sent - Dinesh S

How come… i didn’t received any of the invitation. what is happening guys ?? am waiting for all 3 invitation from jrumph, dinesh and bigtooth81.

Happened to me

you might want to try a different email address. they may have blocked you and me.

why they want to block ??? anyways… please send me invitation at thanks guys. last try otherwise am out of doostang loop for good.