Do's Dont's during the exam

Can we scribble on the question paper, like marking it for later review or underlining words while reading the question?

I remember reading somewhere that we are not supposed to write anything on the question sheet !!

Yes you can write on the booklet. Scratch paper is not provided or permitted. Answers on the booklet is not graded.

will we get extra paper to calculate or space on q paper is enuff ?

you can write on the question sheets. you are NOT allowed to write on your admission ticket tho :slight_smile:

I wonder if the question sheet will have enough space…especially for questions like calculating WACC…

There is plenty of spare space in the question booklets. You will not need scratch paper and none is given.

Also, as noted above, you will get grief from the exam procters if you write on your admission ticket, so don’t do it.

Thanks guys n gals for prompt responses…

Good luck to all of us for for the big day. I am waiting for saturday evening, cant handle this stress anymore.