Double stuffed Oreos

I think the stuffing is too much.

This belongs in the Water Cooler.

^lol now I wonder where it was posted to begin with…

Then get the standard non double stuffed…

I recommend chilling oreos before eating them, store them in the fridge, double stuff will be even better, normal ones will be better, you’ll never go back.

I agree, there is too much stuff in the double stuffed. The cookie to stuff ratio in the original is perfect.

Probably in the feedback section.

This conversation belongs in the feedback forum.

Do you ever quadruple stuff the double stuff. Or you can have two double stuff fillings and three cookies. It’s like the big mac of Oreos.

Has anybody tried any other Oreo flavors? I particularly like Golden Oreos. But again, the stuffing is too much.

I tried the ones with the yellow cookie and fudge cream, but I decided that EL Fudge did that particular flavor better.

Fun fact: Double stuffed Oreos only have like 1.75x the stuffing of a regular Oreo. Its a ripoff. Better alternative is to smash the creamy sides of two regular oreos together while feeding the plain ends to your wife or kids.

I posted this as a form of sincere feedback and am offended that it has been moved to the “random discussion” section of this forum.

That’s quality feedback. This belongs in the FRM section.

I am surprised (and disappointed) that no one has turned this into a sex thread, despite the double-stuffed entendre.

^ We’re not a bunch of degenerate perverts like you naren_

^ Fine, at least a racial thread then. Why is ohai against double-stuffed coconuts and bananas?

Reading Water Cooler, my impression was that if it is not about one of the things your HR says you can’t use to discriminate, like sex, race, national origin, sexual orientation etc, it doesn’t belong in Water Cooler.

you guys are CRAZY - double stuff are far superior than the original skinny ones…and it AIN’T EVEN CLOSE!

It’s no wonder you guys are always posting about Gym Routines etc when you guys still eat Oreos.

^Whoa!!! We got a badass here!!!

Double-Stuffed Oreos are my kyptonite. I’ve banned them from my house becuase I will eat the entire package in record time (provided the necessary amount of milk, of course). Aside from being fairly unhealthy, my kids get murderously angry with me…I don’t share double-stuffed oreos with anyone. Anyone.

@GreenMan, badass? I’m just pointing out that you and others are always posting about gym routines and it’s no wonder when you eat crap like this.

I just bought double-stuff oreos because of this thread. Native advertising?