Doubt about the omr sheet

Hello guys. I recently gave the part 1 frm exam

I have a question regarding the ‘signature’ we made during exam

How many signature we had in total?

Were there

  1. Only one signature on question book?

  2. Two signatures,one in question book and other on omr sheet?

  3. Or three? One in question book,one on one sheet and one on the attendance sheet

please do reply if you remember. I think I might have missed the last one.

Perhaps you could clarify what “OMR” is. Is it another way to describe OCD?

I sat Part 2 in London. I signed my name once only, on the front of the question book. I do not believe there was any other place I needed to sign.

haha. I would say when you work hard for 6 months and feel that exam will be left ungraded because of a silly mistake,its more of a paranoia than OCD

Thanks though mate. Cheers!

I hear you. We are all in that boat. I am 99% sure that only one signature was required. In any event, I doubt GARP would refuse to grade your paper if you forgot to sign. I do remember some story about someone forgetting to write their candidate number on the page, but that is another world of trouble.

Cheers mate.