Doubt regarding cfa registration

If I fail CFA Level 1 June 2017 Exam, is there a condition that I must register for immediate exam that’s scheduled in December 2017?

Or do I have the chance to take some more time to register for June 2018 CFA Level 1 exam by skipping the December 2017 exam?

You’re pretty much locked in once they have your credit card info for the first exam. They will continue to make you take the exams forever, or until L3 completion. But, then they will charge you fees forever. Or until retirement. Then they will charge you retirement fees until death.

Thats how it works, son.

Sounds like something Ron Swanson would say.

There is no condition requiring you to do anything. You can drop the entire CFA desgination pursuit if you wanted. You can sign up for the December or June exam, whichever you prefer… (I’d just retake it in December and sack up for L2 in June). Best of luck.

Thank you guys for your responses. :slight_smile: