Dow down 650 or more at close today?

Yey or Nay?

Nay, but who knows?

I say yes, captiulation sell off, 10% breakers are initiated.

if my life depended on it, yes. we retest 705 and close down 685

I’m really not shocked to see the market off by 600. Wall St was expecting to get bailed out once again and it’s just not in the cards. The market should have been down 300+ on Friday but Bush kept the market afloat with a few quick speeches. I’m 23 and saw the DJIA plummet something like 650 points a few years ago. Scary stuff. But I’m young and can start looking for buying opportunities.

Dow -850

i’m on this this is going the way of the bovespa today train. woo woo.

OMFG someone tell Pelosi to shut her trap , the market is tanking further… -7.4%

Forge the DJIA. It’s lagging the S&P which is down another -1.5%. The DJIA should really be around -800 right now.

Can I change my position to yea?

s and p worst day since 87???

If they hit the breakers do I get a prize?

NYSE: Advancing Issues 129 Declining Issues 3098

equity analysts: prize is 10 shares of LEH or WM. Your choice.

I rather get a mug, so I can use it for my change cup.


Late trades coming in. We’re at -738 atm

“Can I change my position to yea?” Did you hear the guy in the background “Are you sure you want to do that Joe?”