Draft Kings/Fan Duel - Insider Trading?

Figured there’d be a topic about this by now, but yeah I mean, s*** is kind of hitting the fan after this MNPI got leaked accidentally.


Anyone play in these DFS sites? I personally only gave Draft Kings one shot with a $25 entry just to see how I’d do in small contests (answer: not well). But if you’ve watched any NFL this year, the advertising campaign for these sites are more aggressive than anything I’ve ever seen before. Didn’t take long for this to blow up, and not in the way they wanted. Curious to see what will come of this.

I don’t play in the sports gambling arena, but gamble on a lot of sites. These outfits all for some reason turn out to be shady except 1 or 2. I’m not sure why the gambling industry many times has issues with fraud, misuse of funds, bad management, etc

I get odd offers in the mail from gambling sites. Sometimes I deem that they suck and cash out. 2 months later I get a letter in the mail saying they want to give me $100 just to keep playing. It so odd. I have no idea how these guys manage money.

The best part of this whole thing is their commercials have been pulled from ESPN.

I have done a little betting on Draft Kings. I have done a few golf contests for as little as $3 and then entered a couple of the big golf pools for $20. I concluded that it is very difficult to win any real money unless you are a professional and putting in multiple entries. Draft Kings golf is incredibly difficult and I follow golf more than the average joe.

Draft Kings advertise a lot.

so that means espn will no longer have any commericials at all?

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Cant we just have one legit online gambling company - how f’ing hard is it to break into the online industry… not that hard.

There needs to be one — with integrity, trust, loyalty — like a bank. That functions like a bank. Especially with investing funds before payouts.

*spits coffee everywhere*

well if it is that absurd — it is all the more reason for there to be a big, powerful, #1 in the industry



this is such BS — how can an industry that handles so much of people’s money continually be corrupt? Maybe the barriers to entry are too low right now, but higher barriers in the future due to a large company taking control would help (in online gambling in general). I’m talking a big company that handles sports, casino, and card games. Intrade can take all the other random bets.

Casinos aren’t known for their integrity. Play at your own risk.

You’re right. One of the most ridiculous scenarios of this was with Phil Ivey: He lost 12.4 million USD in winnings after taking the British Casino to court and losing.


damn does anyone know tis dude?