Drag and drop Excel keyboard shortcut

Is there any way to use the keyboard to drag and drop cells in Excel?

Use shift + Control + arrow keys to select data. Control + X to cut. Go to destination cell and ctrl V. Don’t use drag and drop as such…fuks up the data more often than not imo

Right, but you lose any formula reference which is not anchored by copying + pasting. I drag cells all the time, it’s one of the main reasons I cannot completely switch to keyboard on Excel.

cutting and pasting should update formula references appropriately…

Put “1” in cell A1 Put “2” in cell B1 Put “A1+B1” in cell C1 Now move cell C1 to cell C3 by copying+pasting…does the formula remain correct? Another problem with this approach is that the formula in C1 remains there for you to delete…

Trying this…if cells are locked in ($) the formula travels to C3 ( it’s still =c1+c2) if you copy or cut. If you cut C2 formula is moved. Never thought of the drag drop option. I find there is a lot of room for error using drag drop