Drastic measures.

I think i have enjoyed my miserable time away from work to study for this exam more than actually being at work. …so after careful analysis. The very next Monday after the exam I will come to work and quit! See you later, sayonara… I’m done!!! Anyone feel this way? I know zimzim78 who posted he/she is having a nervous breakdown below is probably in worse shape than I am. Funny thing is; I AM NOT JOKING! It’s going to be a nice summer…

I’d wait for the result LOL

Does Arby’s have a Defined Benefit Plan or Defined Contribution Plan?

results won’t matter…Monday i’m off…

why are you quitting? Seems a little reckless. These are stressful times, may not be thinking clearly.

3_letters Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Does Arby’s have a Defined Benefit Plan or Defined > Contribution Plan? lol

stress to comp ratio skewed against me… not good situation for me. Not enjoy work + terrible $ = Q U I T. (I think more reckless if I stay.)

Dude this is terrible reasoning. ALWAYS, and I repeat ALWAYS leave on good terms (with 2 weeks notice minimum) and have your exit plan in place. Do not F*CK yourself like this man, seriuosly. Pull it together and be a grownup about this.

Take a breather after the exam, see if life is better when some balance returns. I had a buddy quit his job after LI. Regrets it to this day. I’d say write this POS, see how it goes, than force yourself to go to work for a couple of weeks, see if it’s better or if you can find a new gig while collecting a pay cheque. My comp makes working for dong seem pretty good, but I’d be screwed without a job.

F that - quit ms abruptly last year - analyst this year covering industrials.