Dreaming about results?

I have had 2 straight nights of dreams about exam results. I am 50/50 on results. I know its crazy and I should be dreaming about busty women but any one else having this problem?

I was about to post the same stuff, I had the weirdest night, dreaming 6 times in a row that I passed. The weird part was that I was aware it was a dream, so I had to tell people in my dream that it was not true. And in the 4th or 5th one, the results were mailed to you and written in a special ink that only a candle could reveal… Am I sick?

what’s sick is i’ve been having dreams every night about every question that i think i got wrong. it fking sucks. i’ve gone through ethics, econ and fixed income. port mgmt is probably tonight.

I had a dream where I saw my results and I scored in the 50-70 range in 5 topics and still passed…