Dreaming with the BRICS

I wrote a rap song: Dreaming with the BRICS, Dreaming with the BRICS, Dreaming with the BRICS. I was down with shorty, she heard my name, Demographics Per Per Capita HER income Increase in Global spending shorties gotta go Shes got potential Returns if she could retain her stability Shorty looked back at me and said I’m open for Trade Holla back shorty Cause I’m Dreaming with the BRICS, Dreaming with the BRICS. WORD

Get some fresh air. You’ll be OK in 4 to 6 weeks.

Spend a couple of days away from the books. You desperately need that!

When you make the video for your rap, will you be flashing Brazilian Reals or Indian Rupees?

She’s a BRICS house…

“All in all your just another BRIC in the wall.” “Hey! CFAI! Leave those candidates alone!” I need sleep…

Reminds me of the opening lines from “Goodbye Yellow BRIC Road”: When are you gonna come down? When are you gonna land? Old school, but it fits…

I am dreaming of throwing bricks at the CFAI building in Charlottsville…probably an ethics violation of some sort though

Ethics rules are not intended to prohibit your rights to political action or civil disobedience. However, members throwing bricks at CFAI headquarters does not reflect well on the investment community and profession, so they might get you there!