Dreams and Nightmares for CFA-L2

I just posted my 1st dream and it got to L3 forum :-(( Is the coffe not showing it’s effects? Am I immune to caffine now? http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?13,707496,711195#msg-711195 I got my first CFA-L2 dream yesterday night and so found the need to bump this thread. The dream featured David Hetherington form Stalla shouting ‘D Wabyaaa’, ‘D Wabyaaa’, ‘D Wabyaaa’, ‘D Wabyaaa’, ‘D Wabyaaa’, ‘D Wabyaaa’ in my ears In his typical patented accented tone. I then told him that DW of 1.98 was a distractor information (and yes we were doing autocorrelation models) finally I chose C, got it correct and I kept sleeping till 11.00 AM. Good Morning to all Still have found no mood to get back to books.

I have suffered from two L2 dreams thus far. In the first dream a few weeks ago I took the wrong version of L2 (not possible I know) In a recent dream I forgot to do all FI questions. (probably based on fact I do not enjoy FI)

ah yes, the nightmares have definitely started. I had one the other night where there was 1/2 hour left in the first section and I still had 1/2 the questions left! Nightmare… then for some reason as they were handing out the test booklet I realized I had completely forgotten to review the Cost/Equity/Consolidation section of FSA. LOL. :wink: