Dreary. did you make it?

Hey men. wish all the best for your L2 result

let’s see u on the other side.

no he didnt i saw him post:

Dreary Jul 24th, 2012 12:42pm

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4th time fail…the interesting thing is that last year was band 10, this year it’s band 5! No regrets at all. Everytime I do it I enjoy learning stuff that I felt I knew well earlier. I’m not doing this for work, but for personal enjoyment (weird isn’t it?). I can only say two things:

(1) Knowing concepts and deeply understanding the topics are no guarantee for passing.

  1. I’m the guy who said he’d never done any mocks, really never! That should give you a clue. Like someone else here says the trick is to do countless number of problems, which I will exclusively do next time.

Congrats to all those who made it this time.


Hi guys/gals, I am n ot sure if the 5th time will help either. Someone says look at your weakest topics and work on those which sounds like a good advice. Unfortunately out of those 4 trials, I think I may have had a weakest topic in every topic at one time or another, so there is no pattern! Last year I failed quant, this time it’s over 70. Last year I was band 10, this year it’s band 5. FRA was > 70 last year…this year it’s <70! The only thing that looks consistent is PM, which I seem to get <70 every year, despite my strong quant inclination. Go figure.

sometimes the difference between 20% in a topic is 3-4 questions…you will pass if you keep trying.

i play casino games and i have seen everything in roulette a color come up 16 times in a row and the same number hit 4 consecutive spins… just very unlucky. mix up your studying strategy

Too bad dude. I was really hoping you would pass, so we could argue about topics in the Lvl 3 forum. Good luck next year man.

Dreary, Your toughness is really something.

I have to say I enjoyed every heads-up u made during the preparation months. all the post regarding question you and I shared was very helpful for me and had a lot of fun. So I tought I would pass by to say thanks for making this forum more interesting. I wish we had the same talk on the L3 forum.

I wish you all the best for the coming years.

Dreary you are a tough cookie. How do you do it? I failed band 7 and I’m beating myself up so bad right now, can’t understand how you find the motivation to keep trying. Please share your thoughts, I can use them.

Side question, do you work in the industry?

It looks that CFA exams is all about practising mocks … you do not need to know the concepts deeply as Dreary does.

Sometimes I did not understand Dreary explanations … they were very deep and maybe this is the point - during the exam you do not have time to think deeply.

I passed in very comfortable way L2 this year and L1 last year. My strategy was to practice questions on FRA and Equity. I used exclusively Schweser and EOC CFAI. I knew most questions by heart from OEC CFAI.

Guys, practice questions! And start very soon - november at least.

Cheers, Peter

What a crowd! I’m going to miss some of you who are departing this place. I had the feeling some of you would pass easily like summerside and kys916 to name a few. I agree it has to do with your strategy and exam taking skills, which are not trivial by any means, so kudos to those who did it this way. Tuplis, no I’m not in the industry and have no interest in being there. I do plan on setting up some kind of shop for teaching this stuff and doing consulting, but not working for any financial institution. The reason is that there is no way I would get paid from the CFA charter even a quarter of what I’m being paid right now working in IT, so it just doesn’t make any sense, money wise.

Hey Dreary,

Sorry to hear about you. You always inspired everyone. I’ve been benefited by your posts specially last minute questions.

We want you to pass. Please, Please do the CFAI mocks at least 2 months before the test. That’s the only think I can see in your plan. Don’t give up. You’re an inspiration for others.


Good Luck Dreary - really thought you would pass.

Thanks for all those "heads up’ questions

Dreary I’ll still be here. I failed for the 3rd time this go round. Band 8 last time, Band 6 this time. We’ll get it in 2013 man. I know exactly what you’re going through, I think that we’re just approaching the test in the wrong way. You and I were consistently scoring 70+% on mocks, and knew the stuff better than most of the boards yet failed. We’ll come up with a better study plan this go round. We can do this.

Dreary and MissCleo, you both add a lot to the L2 forum. I failed as well at band 6. Keep up the hard work and we will all be in the L3 forum this time next year.

Dreary and MissCleo, thank you for sharing your motivation on here. I did benefit from reading both your posts through out the past few months. I don’t understand how this exam works. You guys knew the information, what more can you do? What are your plans, maybe I’ll join. Still debating if I want to give it another shot.

Sad To see Dreary and miss cleo not get through. Im not much of a poster myself but did follow the forum a lot. Well, there is alway next year and Good Luck to you guys!

I think you should rewrite it this time and do only qbank questions and mock exams over and over and over and over and over again. Practice what you learned.

Also, I know of a person that fail 7 times Level 1, and passed Level 2 and 3 once. So anyting is possible.

I think u should stay stubborn and not do any mocks. Im curious to see how many tries it’ll take.

Studying and test-taking are skills. You need to work on those, obviously.

Exclusively doing anything as a study plan is a bad idea.

I’m also not surprised that the most pessimistic person on the boards, Miss Cleo, did not pass this time. Having the right attitude is important as well!

The most difficult thing in life is to figure out when to persevere and when to move on. Though I do admire your perseverance but i dont think CFA charter is worth so much time of your life specially when you dont plan to move in to the industry. Just my 2 cents. But one thing is for sure, i really really admire your stubborn attitude. 2 thumbs up!!!

Dreary, as much as I wanted you to pass to put away the misery, your studying techniques is definitely what killed you. Not getting to the practice questions until the last minute and not doing many of them is a recipe to surely fail