Dreary hasn't done any mocks, again!

…could not do it! It just feel it’s a waste of time to take any mock when most of the concepts have not been refreshed and many formulas are not memorized. I’m finding reviewing more helpful at this point in time. Does anyone else feel like that? Agreed…if I have one more week to go after full review, it would make sense to take the exams, but given one day left, I’m banking on review! Anyway, GLTA.

c’mon dreary…just browse thru them.

Everyone has their own style.

Good luck!

I’m not taking any mocks either. From past experience, I thought mocks weren’t good indicators of actual performance. I hard a hard time breaking 60% on mocks, and averaged in the 50’s. On the actual exam I passed with a very good margin. My mocks also didn’t go up with more experience, so it didn’t appear to be a good way to improve your score. If I had extra time, of course it won’t hurt to do mocks.

i use mocks to learn. too late for mocks now. still can’t believe dreary did not do a single one, given how many AF points he has (how many mocks would you have had time for had you just stayed away from this addiction called a “forum”)

I think mocks help me learn what areas I thought I knew well but clearly don’t.

Plus it helps to give you an idea of the twists in the calcs the CFAI may sometimes use

CFA mocks are a bitch! I ve done one and done… 71% many guessing few stupid mistakes but boy if it is like that its gonna be hard i give myself 40/60.

I preface this with the disclaimer that everyone has their own style . . .

But I agree with Dreary that the value-add of taking mocks, especially at this point, is minimal. The way I see it, the primary value of a mock is simulation of the exam, with identification of problem area being a distant second. What is tested in a mock is as random as what is tested in the exam. For my money, the highest-and-best use of my time has been in drilling practices questions and gaining a solid understanding of the material. That feeling is amplified more now that we are near the finish line.

Good luck Dreary, you’ll make it this time!!

This is unbelievable. I spent about 3 hours today reviewing quant. I’m done with it completely. It’s amazing how under pressure your mind finds what you need to know in a very efficient way…no doodling, no spacing out, no reading of irrelevant stuff. Without these 3 hours, if I attempted a mock, it would have been a disaster, no doubt. Also, if I tried this review a long time ago, it wouldn’t work because thsi needs to stay in your short-term memory lasting a few days at max. My experience with the exams is that they asked very basic questions in many parts of the exam…it was as if they were testing if I just remembered what concept to apply…for example to test for significance of a correlation coefficient, t-stat = r *SQRT(n-2)/SQRT(1-r^2), or to interpret a regression equation, or to spot seasonality, etc. Let’s do it folks.

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