you still around? I remember you distinctly. I failed along with you 2009 L2, what happened in 2010? did you take it or give yourself a break like i took a year off?

yes pepp, I took it in 2010 and failed again! As of now, I haven’t really studied at all, but will take it.

trust me, you are not the only one. i haven’t studied at all either. however i do remember it was not funny at all last time how i had 30-40% of the curriculum untouched before i sat for the exam. If i am going to do likewise, ill surely fail this time again. so trying to get started now hoping i can do better.

good luck to you guys. currently i am not confident at all to take the exam in june. but 2 months is enough to turn things around.

respect to Dreary if your taking it again your like rocky when appolo knowed him down, only to look back and find him on his feet.