Dress code

Level II candidates: I am sitting for the Level I exam on Saturday and I was wondering if there was a dress code for the test. As you have all successfully passed Level I, I wanted to hear your input. Thanks in advance and good luck in June!

nappies are a must.

Jams. You must wear jams.

There is no particular dress code, you should be okay unless you decide to show up in your summer beachwear. However, I would recommend dressing warm/put on an extra shirt/jacket as it can get a bit chilly after you spend a few hours in the exam room.

Bring glucose tablets for the afternoon! When you feel like your brain is fried and you got no energy left, one of those babies will give you a boost for 20-30 mins. As for clothes, the first time I sat Level I I almost froze to death (guess what my result was). Bring more clothes than needed. You can always take layers off, but if you don’t bring extra padding it’s kinda hard to ask a proctor for their vest! C. GOOD LUCK!

Bringing something warm is a good idea. I took Level I in Atlanta in a huge convention center hall with cement floors - freezing. Sweatpants and a worn out sweatshirt are a safe bet.

Fairly certain the December sitting is black tie…at least it was last year.

Comfortable clothes, several layers so you can keep a comfortable temperature regardless of whether the hall is too hot or too cold. Wear trousers with large pockets since no bags are allowed. Otherwise it’ll be difficult to juggle the calculator, pencils, eraser, glasses, wallet etc during the lunch break. Don’t bring your cell phone – since you can’t bring it into the exam hall - where are you going to put it? Bring your own lunch just in case; it might be difficult to buy lunch on the premises and/or long waiting lines. Where I wrote Level I in June, the cafeteria had closed down quite unexpectedly. Fortunately I had my own lunch; the others had to rush over to a near-by gas station.

you get 10 percentage points added to your score if you take the exam dressed as a mascot.

You must wear a suite and tie is a must… You will be deducted 10% if youa re not dressed professionally.

Guys you are so funny hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Dont give them any ideas we already have a bunch of codes to follow. Now seriously, take layers of clothes at least that is what i do and your own lunch. good luck!!!

crushed velvet pants and a chiffon top is best

You’re guaranteed to pass the exam dressed like this: http://www.joke.co.uk/showPart_large.asp?part=22872

The CFA Institute has a only passes a percentage of students that meet their annual quota. So we are really competing against each other now. So I would suggest that you wear something that distracts all the other candidates… maybe you should dress like bin laden - that would really distract them.

I’m 6’3, 230, and I decided that to distract the rest of the candidates I would dress in a slinky black number with my ass-cheeks hanging out and 6" stillettoes (sp.?)…don’t know if I screwed up the rest of the field, but I got my “pass”…since I’m superstitious, I’ll wear the same to Level II…

^ Falls under section I (B) of Standards of professional conduct. -Knowledge that the law is an ass

After the adult diapers, the most thing to wear is deodorant!