Dress up fun time. Yay or nay?

I say yay but requires more effort on her part than just a costume. Favorite genre?

Go Naked or hacksaw.


Japanese schoolgirl


Indian CA

krnyc, could you elaborate on the drummer? I’m pretty sure i shouldn’t google this lol


The timeless bad boy look. Somehow still always works for me.

So you like when your men dress up as bad boys or Japanese schoolgirls?

Image result for japanese bad boy

here you go krnyc, dont drop your …

edit: gah, i don’t know how to post pics lol.



Hard to go wrong with the classic french maid outfit, I always say.

Not NSFW, but it goes right up to the borderline if you are in a prudish organization.


As for guy costumes, everyone knows that plumbers make bank, and that gets the lady bits tingling every time! Show a bit of plumber’s crack and they all get weak in the knees!

Keanu Reeves.

Melisandri---- Jon Snow


^ Yes!

What will iteras boyfriend wear? Dog collar and nylon


STL that you bro?


Would you f’uck me? I’d f’uck me.