Drinking soda

So I had a Coke yesterday, on Easter Sunday. First coke I’ve had since Lent began. (I’m not Catholic, but I decided I’d give up soda for 40 days anyway, just to see what happened.)

After almost six weeks of drinking unsweet tea, it tasted like a syrupy, carbonated mess of chemicals and crap.

Yeah I think I alluded to this in one of your other “I’m fat, AMA” anything topics. When you pull back from sugary stuff and get used to life without it, once you go back and try it it can be wildly unappealing. Every once in awhile they’ll screw up my coffee order and put sweetener in it and I want to gag.

yup. I’ve never understood the appeal myself. just seems like a shit tonne of calories and a huge spike in blood sugar for no upside.

Wait, I thought the sugar spike WAS the upside?

I think I consume three times my body weight in sugar every day. Curbing my sugar intake really needs to become a priority.

I love coke. I drink a can once every couple months but would drink it everyday if it wasn’t bad for you.

Got an 18 pack of coke in the cabinet at work. They’re for emergency blood sugar spikes post lunch, meal replacement, or pushing to the finish line. Took a long time to get the discipline not to have one a day.

I’ve gone weeks without soda, but still tasted just as I like and remember when I partook again

My only major vice, as far as I know, not including AF. Diet soda. Worse than regular so I’m told. 40+ ounces a day. Not dead yet.

Redbull , is what I like.

Haven’t had a soda - with the exception perhaps of a very occasional ginger ale punch - since 2004. In 2011, I started cutting back on alcohol and no longer kept beer or wine in the house. And then I curtailed sugary snacks a bit and started working out regularly. Perhaps not coincidentally, I now weigh less than I did in 9th grade.

If I weighed less than I did in 9th grade, I would look like a zombie.

edit - I was going to say I would look like Skeletor, sans the glowing eyes. But then I recall that Skeletor has plenty of muscle. In fact, IIRC, he might have had just as much as He-Man. Frisian would probably know better than me.

Has anyone else tried the diet Pepsi with no aspartame?

I like the taste of Coke – but I almost never drink it.

have not had soda since 12/2014

There was this guy at one of my past jobs that drank 12+ cans of diet Dr Pepper a day. He drank it in place of water and all other liquids.

Yeah you guys have to stop drinking soda. Liquid diabetes. Sparkling water is a fantastic alternative. Personally I find regular soda to be sickly sweet, and prefer diet, but I haven’t had regular soda in years.

Irn Bru on a hangover it the only time i drink soda, gets you through.



Agreed on the sparkling water. Sometimes I do miss the carbination, especially with a meal. However if I drink too much I wind up burping like a mf’er. Although the dude who sits next to me is 10x more disgusting so whatever.

While I haven’t had a soda since 2004, I visited Scotland in 2002 and couldn’t resist the opportunity to try Irn-Bru. Scottish-made orange-flavored soda. Who knew?

Same here brother. I have had the occasional slurpee on a +30c day here… My igloo starts melting around then so I need to keep cool with the sun beating in. My only sugary weakness. I drink too much beer though. Never get drunk, but I have a habit of drinking one with dinner 3-4 days a week. I am a big beer fan, but I should really keep it to a pint on the weekend or after hockey.