Dropping dead

Anyone dropping dead on certain essay questions ? Certain subjects like equity and fi have me thinking all along and eventually give in.

I love the equity, fi, alt, risk and derivatives… but all the behavioral and ips stuff is driving me nuts!! I can barely understand the question being asked

I’m pretty lagged in my studies btw, so can’t say. However there are some Qs that I give up because of time optimization you know. I mean, try to solve it quickly in my mind and immediately look at the answer. The idea is to gain experience with correct responses.

Just. Take. Tests. Level III candidate for the second time, unfortunately, and it’s all about taking tests. Sure the material and learning it is important, but you really learn from just taking tests. Especially in the morning. Don’t give up. Take it from me, this is my 8th CFA sitting coming up…

Way to persevere there buddy. And I shall heed your advise. Thanks.

I’d suggest not taking advice from the person sitting the test for their 8th time…