Dry cleaning!!!

2 jackets

1 vest

4 pairs of pants

6 shirts

…$60!!! What the actual fuck???

This next apocalyptic recession cannot come soon enough

thats dirt cheap. 4 pairs of pants is 60$ where i am.

I’m pretty sure I’m in the same strip mall as nerds one stop Pho + Haircut shop.

lol. to be fair that is where i get my shit dry cleaned.

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Is it chemical cleaning or ordinary cleaning? For first, the price would be OK. For second, price is fair assuming you live in expensive (high standard of life) country. For same price of 60 bucks, I may arrange my pensioned neighbor to wash, and iron that cloths.

I never wear nice clothes to pho, always burner clothes - that stew moisture just seeps into every layer of fabric. gross.

pho is delicious though.