Dry eyes? Bad posture? Bad light? Need Caffeine? My list:

My list of helpful non-technical study items for studying going into the last 7.5 weeks that I have/used. Sorry I’m an Amazon Prime junkie. You have to be physically healthy for L3 too.

(for Dry eyes) OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus, Pre-Moistened Pads


(Can’t see to read day or night) Mighty Bright Orchestra Light


(for Better Posture, less neck pain) Book Stand


(use with caution (half tablet as needed), cheaper than a shot of espresso w/ regular coffee) ProLab Caffeine [Tea is actually better and healthier for you]


(take daily, the gummy ones are yummy, don’t eat more than 2 a day) Vitamins For Adults


(I’m not sure this works but could I guess for some people. I personally can’t tell.) Neuro Clarity - All Natural Brain Function Booster! Super Ginkgo Biloba complex with St John’s Wort, and Bacopin - Improve Mental Clarity, Focus, Memory and Concentration! Reduce Stress and Anxiety


If you’re into lisening to music while studying: 1) (for audiophiles) Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH Headphones


  1. (if you have to have wireless and something that looks good) Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone


Pentel R.S.V.P. Ballpoint Pen -I love these, a fine point helps when writing small numbers on index cards


(I like the fat BIG ones) Oxford Ruled Index Cards, 4 x 6


(also helps with dogs barking outside - great with a sleeping mask - which will keep dust out of your eyes) Hearos Ultimate Softness Series Foam Earplugs


(sorry if you can’t get this stuff mailed where you are located)

Other advice: Deactivate your Facebook, Skype study with a friend on mute (super helpful to me), get life done during the day-study at night (no phone/family/client distractions). Good luck everybody!


Comprehensive hehe

Comprehensive hehe

you might think about changing out your calculator batteries too. seing how this is L# everyone should have plenty of hours of use racked up on their BA IIS and you dont want it going out during the test

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must take your parents permission

Skymall died and reincarnated in Godism

Good point! Batteries, but aren’t they all the same? Is there a “superior battery”? I only want the VERY BEST batteries on the market. [And for my HP 12C Limited Edition:)

Hahahahaha, you’re funny Audacious! I like you, can’t beat funny hahas YES HURRY NOW, BUY FR GODISM17’s LIST of TOP OF THE LINE Sh*t…lol

But you know I have been wanting to post this stupid thread of non-techical study “creature comforts” for years. Figured this will be my last year to do it - hopefully (God and my study angle help me).

Why I own Amazon stock, it’s such an awesome business model. I even make them deliver me premium dog food to my door (unless I forgot to open my gate for them) bc I don’t want to carry it in and out of my car. You practically need a dog food caddy like for my golf bags to deal with it. Go AMZN!

The clumsy hyper girl is wise. Maybe this is the best stock out there. Apple , for eg, is under the mercy of the changing taste of the millennials.

Sweetheart, you really have no idea who you’re talking to. Why so many bad assumptions fr the United Arab Emirates? I had higher expectations. I hope you’re not in client management bc your people profiling needs help. Obviously this is not worth my time to even respond to anymore. It’s not helping anybody pass.

If anybody has some favorite useful study aids to post, please add below. Thanks all.

We’re all here have no idea who we’re talking to. At the end we get some “ideas” based on a mix of real, lighthearted, and sarcastic posts. Sometimes we dont know which is which.

I see beautiful aspects in all presonalities. The simple, and complex; liberal and conservative; serious and fun. I have slight bias toward, cool, nice, and smart ppl. There are no bad assumptions whatsoever. There’s a lack of tone of voice in internet postings; take mine with kindness.

Clumsy hyper sensitive girl :wink:

Because you reached out privately to say you didn’t mean any harm, I will make the following points.

Agree - “We’re all here have no idea who we’re talking to.” this is why we don’t jump to conclusions about people and withhold from stereotyping, for example like calling someone a gun slinging moose killing redneck. Or a Clumsy hyper sensitive girl. Say that to your mother and see what happens to you. Women “not girls” react to stupid comments by men or little boys as a normal burden we carry. Men who don’t know women well think we are overreacting. Gentlemen are apparently a dying breed…

I now need an Amazon product that can reach across the ocean fr the US and smack you in the UAE but I want you to take that with my love and kindness bc I’m a humanitarian and don’t be hyper sensitive or offended if I call you an clueless asshole :wink: However, over the internet, I don’t really mean it and you’re miss reading me:)

See how passive-aggressive that was? Anyways, I forgive you for being a retard and not manning up to publicly apologize. And this is why there aren’t a lot women on this forum and why I usually don’t participate.

I do however give you credit for living up to your screen name: audacious (adj) 1. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. 2. showing an impudent lack of respect.

You have achieved both and mastered the second definition.


You need to get used more to the internet.

Here where i think the mistake is. Maybe you were raised in a place different than the US; hence, you found some of my references offensive. You know, a cultural barrier. For eg, since when saying “girl” is offensive? we’re not work colleagues nor in a professional venue. We’re just dudes and gals sharing the same goal. Dont overcomplicate things. And what’s wrong with “clumsy hyper”? this can be cool; with the right attitude. And what’s with the “lack of women in this forum”? you’re goin too far. This forum is very respectful to all. It’s agnostic to gender, race, background, or nationality. Pulling this issue is a cheap shot.

Take it easy lady, dont over read the threads. Most of them are chats, not articles or rhetorics.

and you googled my logon name