Dubai, UAE

Hello Everyone. I want to bring up a situation that I’m in and ask for some helpful feedback. What are your thoughts and/or experience(s) with working in the Dubai in the financial field. 1. Describe the working environment; is it as competitve or fast paced as some firms here in the US? Also what is the social environment for non-muslims like? 2. Are employers really seeking westerners? Generally, are westerners more educated in the talent pool? 3. Is the technology, software, etc. behind, or about the same as the US firms. 4. Lastly, regarding income what is average monthly (which is how they post income) salary and bonus package(s) for analysts in investment management/investment banking? Cheers!

this might be of interest to you,603127

Thanks SIMS. In your post you mentioned that you spoke with a few people at Dubai and said that skills may not be transferable. Do you still believe that? For a person, whom is thinking of moving for 2 years and return, is the financial upside be worth possibly having 2 years of moot experience.

I still believe it because it’s still an emerging market and still will be for a long time. I don’t know if its worth it for you because of a bunch of different factors such as experience level, where you are from and returning, future endeavors, specific field of work, etc. But I do know that many firms view such a move as a wash and it could potentially hinder the progress of your career.

'…I spoke with a few head hunters from Dubai today. Now it seems that Expats from the US are not getting all that attractive packages. Ie VP finance (5 years corpfin exp and MBA) market price is $80,000 USD which includes $32,000 USD housing cost? With cost of living extremely high…is the “savings factor” all hype?