Geeesh: Dubai is sinking just as fast as it shot up. Amazing stuff. In hindsight, the rush of all the business and b-schools contructing offices there looks silly.

You’re telling me. I went there in 2004, and the first thing I could say was: ok, so when is this going to end? Regarding Abu Dhabi’s resistance to bail out Dubai: we drove from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, and I remember seeing how competitive the two Emirates were just from the banners on either side of the border and the conditions of the road (who’s could be in the best shape). Arab Sheikhs are all about competition and power and I’d wager a bet that Dubai will really have to collapse before Abu Dhabi comes in to help.

That is not entirely accurate , Dubai does have its own oil just a hell of a lot less than the others . Dubai realised that they were going to run out of oil soon enough which is why they started pushing all the other stuff like tourism , free ports etc .

Nice article thanks.

i wonder how many sofias from france there is in Dubai

Dan, I remember being in Dubai and two other Emirates back in 1995, it used to be bunch of tents among the sands.