Hey Folks,

I’m going to Dubai for vacation. Can anyone provide some insights on stay , food or anything else that I need to know.



Heads up…you can’t fu*k on beach. They dont like that.

never been but heard that in terms of food you would want to stick to indian…don’t remember why though…have a nice time


Apparently, there is an indoor ski slope in one of the malls. Might be worth seeing just for the sheer ridiculousness.

Lol… I don’t think they like even kissing.

Has anyone gone on desert safari there?

Damn man, thought you had a story of pulling a train with your homeboys on some Dubai dimes.

Isn’t this the exact plot of Sex and the City 2?

You watch sex and the city 1? and 2? Can we kick him of the water cooler?

I think these top the previous links:

So. Nice place Dubai…

you want to be careful in dubai.

the desert safari and indoor ski mall are good.

burj is worth a visit and if you have the time check out the ferrari theme park in abu dhabi.

eat a jumbo shawarma. there are better places in the middle east i guess. heard a lot of good things about petra and muscat.

dubai has too much hype

Indoor ski slope is a bit of a let down. It’s very short. If you actually know how to ski well you will be bored instantly.

Safari thing is worth doing as is shopping. Other than that I’d use Dubai to get to some of the million other great places that it connects to. A 3 day stopover in Dubai + a week in somewhere like Capetown, seychelles, maldives, Sri Lanka, or Thailand is the perfect formula.

Thanks people. Ferrari theme park sounds fun. I’ll check it out.

Heard a lot about gold souk, so I may hang some gold around my neck.

One more thing - we are a group of 5 people. Which option is best - renting a car or getting a cab?

for five people? You might want to get your own van with a paki driver for a few days. For five people its almost certainly worth it. That way you have your own pakistani on call whenever you need them. I’m not sure exactly where to book this, but I’m sure some googling will yield results, “car and driver dubai short term”

The cabs work great in general, but sometimes it can be hard getting one depending on which part of town you are in.

When is the trip?