Gonna be in this fine town over the weekend, next month. Anyone got any tips? Also know any towns nearby where I could spend the night and meet some cool real irish girls rather then whats in dublin

contact karenc for additional info

Temple Bar then Guinness brewery…then hop a cheap Ryan air flight to Amsterdam.

oliver st john gogarty’s

This is a pathetic attempt to get karen’s attention IMO.

And your point is?

Limerick - real safe :wink:

^There she is! How ya been KC?!?!

haha hey daviskr - not too bad, how are you doing hun?

I’m doing ok. Trying to squeeze in as much socializing as I can before I buckle down for the L2 study season. I’ll be starting in November :frowning: … How’s the L1 prep going?

Not great - was on hiatus for a while but getting back into it this week, should be on review questions/pratice exams next week on.

-1 to Temple Bar Guinness is ok, but the Jameson Distillery is where you want to go.

Jeez guys it’s simple: Coppers.