Dude threw up all in my bathroom

We were friends. I see him at the bar - he’s the server. I bought a bunch of shots. We hung out for a bit and then decide to have a few at my place. Then he started spewing all over the bathroom. I’m talking shower curtain , mat, hand wash drain full of chunky spew . Wtf . I said its fine don’t worry about it and he’s passed out on couch but wtf ?

Someone post that clip where Bob Sagat goes “there’s shit everywhere”.

You really need to be more careful who you bring home for the night.

What were you planning for the night if he hadn’t thrown up?

Did you at least get a little something before he threw up?

I guess he got a bad taste?

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So, ACE was trying to daterape him and got him to take drugs/binge drink into unconsciousness. However, this backfired as the guy explosively vomited all over the place. Could be worse, I guess. At least he didn’t steal your wallet.

now it makes sense


did he at least clean it up the next morning?

ACE, you werent trying to do what this dude ended up doing?



whoops! Weird story though. Looked like switch hitting that went south very fast.

the timeline is very weird…he left but then came back an hour later…

Is this the guy you are talking about? --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8geLnpGmQAQ