due diligence on potential employer

what kind of questions woud you ask?

For an asset management company: - where they were 10 years ago vs where they are today. - what AUM growth has been and how much of it was organic. - its flagship products and how they have fared against those of competitors. - describe client base - what are the company’s short term / long term goals - what kind of culture does the firm have (team approach or star system) - this one you can find out from people who work there (not in interview). - does the culture in the different groups differ? (again, not in interview) - how much employee mobility has there been between groups? - describe expectations for employee development. - what does it take to be promoted? - is the firm expanding into any new markets or sectors (i.e. retail) - what kind of new opportunities/positions might exist down the road due to this expansion that don’t exist now.

thx danteshek. what about for an asset mgmt company/PE that is just starting up? ie: raising funds now, potentially will go up to $300M to $500M

It’s pretty hard to do due dilligence on a firm with no track record. I would stay away.

Danteshek Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > It’s pretty hard to do due dilligence on a firm > with no track record. > > I would stay away. True, but it depends where you are in your career and what you have to lose. If you’re young it could be a great learning experience with very little to lose. Worst case scenario the firm shuts downs shop, you have cash stashed b/c you planned appropriately, and you move on. If it’s a great opp and you get exposure to things you wouldn’t get in a traditional firm, I say go for it. As far as due dilligence for a startup, ask anything about management’s track record, career path, certifications, experience, goals, growth, culture, what sets them apart, what they expect out of you, etc.