Dumb mistakes

I am so frustrated with me making those dumb and stupid mistakes again and again. How are you guys trying to avoid them? Any tricks? Or its just your personal trait and cannot correct it?

Just be more aware of problems you tend to have and try to pay attention when the situation comes up. In doing CFA exams I twice made big mistakes because I was flipping around between the template and the data - once I pulled info from the wrong section of a chart and the other time I missed an entire question because I was too busy flipping back and forth to see it! So now anytime I see a chart I’m careful to mark it up so I pull data from the right spot and I double check the number of minutes in the question to make sure I answered all the questions. Everyone’s going to make some silly mistakes, just learn from them and hopefully we’ll be glad we encountered them on meaningless practice exams instead of on the real thing!