Dumb Q, FCInv

What’s the difference between gross and net fixed assets, and what are the different financial statement lines I can use to get FCInv

If I recall Gross - Accumulated Depreciation = Net Fixed Assets

That’s what I figured, just wanted to confirm, for some reason, couldn’t find it in the text.

Net Fixed Assets = Gross Fixed Assets Less Accumulated Depreciation (I think). FCInv…is either CapEx - proceeds for LT Asset sales OR Ending PP&E - Beginning PP&E

did anyone notice that in Mock 2 when calculating FCInv there was a disposition of PP&E during the year, yet that was not considered in the FCFF calc? isn’t this normally considered? and if so, it would the disposition be proceeds received after tax on cap gain?

Yes, Net Fixed Assets means is … Fixed Assets - Acc. Depreciation --------------------------------- = BV of your fixed assets or Net FA

ok… but now the company disposed of fixed assets during the year. your calculation does not consider that…