dumb question

I realized yesterday that I haven’t received anything from CFAI regarding where I am taking the exam, and i don’t have a ticket yet. Did i miss the emails from them, or am i wrong in thinking that for december exam i got this stuff much earlier than 12 days before…anyone/everyone already have yours?

just log in at their website and print it out.

YOu gotta print off the website

did u check online?

thanks, about too

This probably should’ve been on my thread.

easy does it Caspian…there is probably at least one other person who missed the email for tickets who benefitted…isn’t that the point of the forum, to help each other out.

I agree about the purpose of the forum 100%. My only point (made in jest of course) is that you should PROBABLY be able to guess that the ticket MIGHT be on the CFA website somewhere.

youre right on the second point, and the fact that i spent the long weekend with books open while my three kids enjoyed the beautiful weather without me, that i went to bed late last night for studying and woke up at 5ish to put another hour or so down before starting the work week is my only excuse for looking for the easy way by asking the forum. It completely slipped my mind until my buddy asked me where i am taking the exam and i couldn’t remember…HELLO?

Caspian, that is a ricidulous assumption. It’s not like he had to get an exam ticket for L1 or anything.

actually, i placed out of Level 1, so this is my first shot.

yes I skipped first level too

“actually, i placed out of Level 1, so this is my first shot.” lol