Dumb Question

This a dumb question but … Let’s say you pass all your CFA tests and had 4 years of experience, but you were too wrapped up in work that you delay submitting in your forms and you just did submit your forms (say this morning). You are quite confident that you will receive the CFA Charter. What do you put on your resume?

You can’t put Charterholder, but you can put something like, passed all 3 levels of CFA exam. Or maybe CFA Charterholder Candidate :). Look in the Ethics book.

I think you can say “CFA Institute, Charter Pending Approval” “Passed all three CFA examinations”

You definitely can’t put CFA Charterholder on your resume yet. I’m pretty sure you can only put “passed all 3 levels” until the work experience gets cleared. Unfortunately, the work experience approval can take some time…

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Passed all 3 Level of CFA exam, Charter Pending.

CFA Charter Candidate (awaiting charter approval)…?

If you passed level 3 of the CFA program, you MUST know what to put in your CV with regards to designation. You should have studied ethics for 3 years, and there is exactly same situation described there, thoroughly

Passed Levels 1-3 of the CFA examination definitely is safe

According to Page 137 of standards last bullet point, it’s permissable to say “I passed all three level of the CFA Program and will be eligible for the CFA charter upon completion of the required work experience” You can just modify that to say "pending Institute review of work experience " or something like that. Great job passing.